=Closed= FS: Many stuffs from my stash included ASM 298, 316, NM 87, 98, A2, UXMEN 266, etc.
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My sale thread has been closed, and a big thank you to buyers who claimed my comic books. (thumbsu


Hello, I know I have been inactive in this forum due to the master's courses I am currently taking. I will graduate by this Aug, but I have decided to pursue higher education in the Ph.D. So that will be half-decade of my life into the study and dissertation. I will study American Sign Language in the linguistics department. It's exciting and nervous at the same time. Wish me luck. :peace:

I am selling extras from my business to help pay my tuition. The tuition is not cheap, but worth it. Each comic book are thoroughly graded with my years of experience, but final grades are subjective, and I accept returns within reasons. All cleaned/pressed comic books come with a mylar bag and thick board. Since they are completed jobs, I don't want to pull the comic book from the mylar bag/board. Therefore, I will add two grades. The best grade is based on the front cover and minus one point down as a possible range of potential grade. That will give you the best estimate of the final grade, but not guaranteed. 

I hope you will enjoy my thread and buy them. :baiting:

Let me start with the details...

The grade is accurately based on Overstreet: Guide to Grading Comics. The individual will have exact grade while set, lot and full run will have range grade. 

:takeit: win over any PMs. 

Payment via PayPal only.

Returns accept. 

Best offer via PM are welcome.

Please add $5 for shipping cost, but if you claim any item(s) on my thread with $10 or more, it will be free shipping. Claiming over $50 will be free priority mail! 

No HOS and/or Probation members.

My kudos page is deleted. However, you can check my eBay feedback on shipping. I take pride in the well-secured package to ship. My eBay ID is kntelitecollectibles

This thread will stay open until several months or complete sold all items. 

This video is my introduction...


Any questions? Please feel free to PM me. 

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