Sending Blank Sketch Covers - Window Bags?
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I was planning on submitting a book to the Mirka Andolfo private signing for a sketch

My question is, since we are sending in a blank cover for a sketch does it still need to be sent in a window bag? I feel like the artist would just take the book out of the bag anyway to get as much room to draw anyway. Or will sending the blank cover in a normal bag still cause them to be rejected or delayed?

Edit: Also my blank cover has one of those sheets that cover the front attached to it, does it matter if I send it in with this sheet attached? 

Something like this:


Thank you

- Jeffrey

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Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for your message. No, it wouldn't cause it to be rejected or delayed.  You can use a window bag with a large cut out like this (see below).  But if you put it in a regular bag that would be fine too. Thank you!



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Thanks for the answer!

Could you also say whether or not sending the blank covers with or without the cover sheet makes any difference?


Also, do you know if Mirka Andolfo will be doing color sketches, or just black/white?

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