mostly Marvel - a few FEAR; ASM 252 NM (raw and slab)
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Quick thread, mostly raw "Adventure into Fear" just in case anyone's trying to complete a run (I bailed, never getting a #8, and over last month sold the Fear: Morbius and Man-Thing keys on gouge-bay; I like this place too much to do that here).

RULES: Pay by check/mo only

Returns ok for 2 wks after receipt; if you return a slab you agree to pay 2-way ship; any resto shows up take 10 years. 

Ship at cost; (raw) starts at $5 media in gemini ii mailer or $8.50 priority legal flat rate mailer; min. (default) ship cost shown w/some items (buy more than one item and ship will be less than combined amts).  Ship (slab) starts at $14 for one (priority box-in-box, w/styro peanuts between).

No lists, 1st take wins. If there's any rule I forgot, my rule is "no."


Priced for dissident-bay (derived from recent sales there, since I canceled my GPA), so you'll pay the lower marked price (basically at least 10% lower). Also I don't collect sales tax, that's on you.  The ASMs are decently priced, just ballparked price of the FEARs since little data available, nice copies all at least F+, nothing was pressed.

Also check out my old thread in MISC from Jan., some nice items still there.










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Posted (edited)

REMAINING BOOKS, all on this page:  

ASM 252 in NM CGC
Fear 6 $15
Fear 7 $10
Fear 21 $19

Below (w/links) are books that could've been listed here in GA/SA/BA, but I listed over in a MISC thread, for your shopping convenience here (thanks, Mike). ; )

Page 1


Strange Adv 110 3.5  $65  raw

Marv Super Heroes 12 CGC 9.0 OWW Capt Marvel  $485

Marv Super Heroes 16 raw VF  Phantom Eagle  $20


Page 2

Marv Collector Item Classics 3 CGC 9.2 OWW  repr ST 110 and FF4 $72

Astonishing Tales 5 CGC 9.8 Sucha W $410
Nick Fury SHIELD 1 (6/1968) OWW  
CGC  8.5  $280
Thor 165 
CGC 7.5  W  $1090


Page 3

Fantastic Four 94 CGC NM- 9.2  original label $1400



Raw books:
Fantastic Four 67 4.5-5.0  $229
Fantastic Four 100  8.0 $58
Thor 164 4.5 $18
Thor 163b 5.0 $15
Thor 167 3.5- $4
Thor 180 6.5- $15
Thor 181 6.0 $10

Tomb of Dracula 36 7.0 $10

Page 4

Sub Mariner 35 4.0   $20 
Marv. Feature 2 7.5  $48 
Tales to Astonish 99 6.5+

Tales to Astonish 100  7.5- $59  

Page 5

World’s Unknown 1-7 FN to FN+ shiny and glossy  $35
Monsters on the Prowl 9 - 27 readers’ lot [12 books]  $30
Fantastic Four Byrne mini-run 251 to 262   fresh  $30



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ASM 252 CGC NM 9.4  $410


Not pressed, original label, graded in 2001.

NOTE: case is clean, see second-to-last pic, after I realized there was dust and wiped it down.

Pulled, thanks for the views!





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ASM 252 raw NM- 9.2 to NM 9.4  $350


Not pressed. Can’t see a reason why it’s not 9.4, my guarantee is that you (not the pro slabbers) will think at least 9.4 too.  I said maybe 9.2, since it’s usually the highest I’ll grade raw books here.







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