Today, April 29th, is Nostalgic Investments’ Comic Art NEW ART FRIDAYS!
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Today, April 29th, is Nostalgic Investments’ Comic Art NEW ART FRIDAYS! 

Featured Artists:

Frank Thorne

John Buscema

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Featured Page:


Iron Man #233 p1 (Splash) by Jackson Guice/Bob Layton

Everyone seems to be looking for Bob Layton Iron Man pages. Here’s a beautifully rendered splash. Check out the work on the satellite, even where they placed the Iron Man logo is perfection.


NEW ART FRIDAYS! update this week includes art from Bob Layton, Jack Kirby, Irv Novick, Keith Pollard, John Buscema,  Ross Andru, Frank Thorne, Chris Batista, John Tartaglione, Don Heck, and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez!


  1. Iron Man #233 p1 (Splash) by Jackson Guice/Bob Layton

  2. Batman #220 p8 by Irv Novick

  3. Eternals #10 p1 (Splash)(Signed) by Keith Pollard

  4. Avengers #43 p5 (Large Art) (Hawkeye) by John Buscema

  5. New Adventures of Superboy #38 Cover by Ross Andru

  6. Tales Of Suspense #24 p2 (Large Art) by Jack Kirby

  7. Red Sonja #8 p27 by Frank Thorne

  8. X-Men Adventures #8 p28 by Chris Batista

  9. Classic Illustrated #166A “World War II” (Large Art) (Hitler) by John Tartaglione

  10.   Giant-Size Dracula #4 p23 by Don Heck

  11. Who's Who DC Universe Update #4 p1 (Splash) by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez


See all these New Art Fridays! pages at and hundreds of comic art pages at

Payment plans and trades are always available.


batman 220 art final.jpg










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