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Listing a few nice books today. First :takeit: in the thread wins the book over any PM negotiations. I accept personal checks and PayPal but personal check preferred. You may return raw books for any reason within 10 days of receipt but you pay return shipping. No returns on CGC graded books please. Shipping in the US only at this time. Shipping cost is $10 for one or more raw books and $15 for one or more CGC graded books. Thanks for looking.


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On 5/2/2022 at 10:11 AM, bounty_coder said:

Let’s do this Ken. A book in the run that I’ve enamored over for many moons never to find a copy that I truly liked. Man is this a beauty. It’s not too often you see better than Cream Pages on these Harvey’s either. I’m your huckleberry sir! 🥰


This cover was the first page I colored in the PCH coloring book 😊


Excellent. Glad this copy works for you. It's a beauty.

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