Registry Set - Pokemon Black Star Promo?
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Hi there,

I was wondering if/when the Pokemon Black Star Promo's might be a registry set.  I'm talking specifically the Black Star Promo with cards #1- #53 year 1999 - 2002.  I have some of those cards and when I add them to my profile they aren't apart of any set, they just show up in my inventory.  Would love it if they went into a registry set.

Thank you!

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Adding to this for additional clarity. 

The set I'm looking for is labeled on the cards as "Black Star Promos - WotC" in the system. This is the Black Star Promos cards that were distributed by Wizards of the Coast.  To me this is a great set as it links back to the Mewtwo Strikes Back movie release and includes lots of early pokemon promos that are a great history of the franchise.  I think this would be a nice addition to the registry as it is an easily defined set consisting of 53 cards (+ duplicates) and there are plenty of sales of these cards on eBay so I know people out there collect them.  


Here is a link to provide additional information on this set.



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