High Grade Fantastic Four #52 - Restoration
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I came across an incredibly clean Fantastic Four #52. Until you discover a single dot of a black pen.

This is so painful to look at. Someone took a black pen and colored (?) a piece of the cover at the top staple. How can you tell? At first, I thought it was a hole, but it's the ink seeping through to the inside page. Assuming the seller's grade stands (8.5 Restored) FMV is a bit over $2,295. Had the pen never met the cover, you could go all the way down to a 7.0 and retain an Unrestored FMV of $2,700.


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That IS painful to think about. 

People say that restoration used to be more accepted ‘back in the day,’ but I’ve been collecting since the 70s and I don’t ever remember a time when the bulk of collectors were okay with it. (Maybe sellers were.)

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