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I have a couple questions about submitting.

Do you look for the print version or do we have to?

What value do you base the books off of for submission? Graded? raw? or highest known value?

What's the difference between Modern and economy? both go to $400 and modern starts at 1975 

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Good morning,

Thank you for your message and your interest in CGC! When completing your online submission form, you will need to list the book information to the best of your ability.  In most cases, if you enter the title as it appears on the indicia of the book, it will pre-populate if it is a book we have graded previously.  If it is not one we have graded before there is an option to add the information.  

The value we ask you for is an insurance value, a number you would feel comfortable with in terms of a replacement value if your item was lost or damaged while with us.  Each tier of service covers up to a maximum specified insurance level and you must choose a tier of service which will accommodate the declared value for your item. Services and Fees. The difference between the Modern and Economy tiers would be the date of the book.  Books would only qualify for Modern if they are dated 1975 or later and valued under $400.  If they are dated earlier than 1975 but still valued under $400 you can put them under Economy.

We do encourage you to be conservative as we do not reimburse you if you over-value your book. In the event that your book was grossly under-valued, we would contact you to bump the book to a higher grading tier and you would just pay the difference in the grading fees at that time. You can review our Declared Value Policy here:  Declared Value Policy.

If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you!

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