1993 or 1994 MTG....unlimited or Revised?
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It was suggested I ask this here rather then in the open forum??

I used to vend sports cards at shows and added MTG singles when they first came out.  It has been near 25 years since I ended vending.  I recently decided to have the cards we still had graded via CGC, most are the 1993 or 1994 edition.  Truthfully I have no idea if they are revised or unlimited,  I cannot be sure.  When I sent them in to be graded by CGC I listed them as revised.  My question is -- if I personally list them as revised and they may in fact be unlimited will CGC note the difference and list on the grading tab the correct version or just go by what I list it as in the siubmission form??

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The largest difference will be the outside border. You should try your best to identify them based on the below information.  Also, I believe the card name is further to the left on Unlimited.  If there are any errors, our verification team will correct them.



unlimited example #2.jpg

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