Will A Press Help A Corner Bang?
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I have a beautiful Fantastic Four 166 that looks very high grade even without a press, but it has a corner bang that is the flaw that will give the grade.  So I'm wondering (1) how much will it affect the grade assuming otherwise it is 9.8, and (2) will a press remove the corner bang?  The bang is on the lower left of the front cover and can also be seen on the back. Thanks for looking.





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Alone that flaw would probably put the book in 9.4 territory. I think an experienced presser should be able to improve it so that it's not as noticeable, but not remove all traces of it. Another concern would be, would a high volume pressing service be able to address it properly? I think it would require special attention.

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Posted (edited)

I like this news.  My plan is to send this in for the Roy Thomas signing (submissions due July 22) with CCS pressing.  Won't it be fun to see how it grades.  With the expedited turn-around I think I will have it back by mid-October.  I'll post an update then.

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Corrected submission due date.
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