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Hello Everybody, :hi: It's been a while, this is my first sale of 2022. I am currently at home on a vacation from work. I thought I might as well have a sale, and quit being so lazy.

I'm Selling *some* of my duplicates of keys and a few random ones as well. If this goes good, I may list more books throughout the week or possibly this month.

My Kudos Thread:

Ebay 100% seller feedback : *Mainly sell figures/collectibles on this platform*

All the board rules apply here so....No HOS'ers or people on Probation. Don't reply or post please.

Payment: Paypal only right now please! (thank you)

Shipping: US shipping only please.

Shipping cost : $6 Shipping for 1-2 books , (USPS First Class Package)

$12 for 3 or more books USPS priority  *possibly more if you order a lot more.* 

Shipping is Not included in your comic purchase price

All comics are shipped secure. I bubble wrap, and sandwich between sturdy cardboard.

Buying: First unconditional "I'll take it in thread" wins. (honored above pm claim) 

Returning: Buyer may return comics within 1 week of receiving them, if unhappy with condition. (I do not cover buyer remorse or failed spec picks) * BUYER PAYS RETURN SHIPPING

Feel free to shoot me offers via pm, I'm always reasonable :cheers:

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