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PGT Daredevil 2
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Even though Marvel Chipping is a Bindery Defect there is no black and white answer as to how much of a grade deduction a book will recieve with Marvel Chipping, it will depend on the severity of the chipping and the overall condition of the book.

I just saw a pic of an AF 15 that had the beginnings of Marvel Chipping with small tears on the outer edge but no real pieces missing, this book received a VF 8.0.

Looking at your book I feel it is in the FN/VF 7.0 range even with the water stain on the rear cover (which I heard CGC is very strict on) so with the stain and chipping, my best educated guess without knowing how CGC actually determines grades would be anywhere from a VG/FN 5.0 - FN 6.0.

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I don't believe this would be considered Marvel chipping.  The shape of the missing pieces is unlike any example of true Marvel chipping I've ever seen.  But you be the judge:

Chipping-20.thumb.jpg.7401b77e29db4dae19214e6242d64efc.jpg  Chipping-30.thumb.jpg.a18c90b52e3f76646e2b83de7dc4c14b.jpg  Chipping-40.thumb.jpg.b74301493f424a111276d3f62299e3a3.jpg  Chipping-50c2.thumb.jpg.0379ba19932c15b1b254371b030d11a3.jpg  Chipping-60c2.thumb.jpg.f64d7be53c4a123e004b15788a2b7563.jpg

In the eyes of CGC, the moisture stain may be as significant a defect as the missing pieces.  In order to define its extent, I'd want to inspect (1) the inside front cover & first page and (2) the inside back cover and last page.  If the moisture stain is limited to the back cover, I think you're looking at a maximum grade of 4.0 VG.  One man's opinion.  :foryou:

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