Giant Size X-Men 1 first spanish edition

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First :takeit: in the thread or via PM wins. 

No HOS and Probation List members. 

Payment with paypal only, please. 

I am based in Spain, shipping to the USA, priority with tracking and signature, is FREE

I will ship to the address that appears in the paypal payments.

I will ship worldwide, if you do not live in the USA please ask me for a shipping quote.

I will accept returns only in case there are problems with the shipping or with my grading. 

Questions and offers highly encouraged.

Thank you

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Amazing Fantasy 15 spanish edition

This comic is the very first edition of the first appearance of Spiderman published in Spain, dated December 1975, only one month after the death of spanish dictator Francisco Franco.

Has a cover by Rafael Lopez Espí, who did almost every cover of superhero comics published by Editoriale Vertice who introduced the Marvel heroes in Spain.

Contain Amazing Fantasy 15 (the Spiderman origin story), Amazing Spiderman 2 (1st and 2nd story), JIM 59 (1st story) and Strange Tales of the Unusual 10 (6th story, The Nightmare Men)

VG, $350









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