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On 6/17/2022 at 2:34 PM, zzutak said:

One of the most desirable Silver Age keys.  (worship)  High-value books like this (about $15~20 k in CGC 2.0 GD) are much easier to sell if they've been certified/encapsulated by CGC.  This is especially true if the seller is relatively new to the hobby.


I personally don't see much soiling that could be removed with a non-restorative dry cleaning.  The generalized toning to the back cover and tidelines along the top/bottom edges of the front/back covers are not going to be reduced/removed with a dry cleaning.  And a pressing will not fix the missing chips/pieces, the 1" spine split, the various edge tears, the heavy color-breaking creasing, or the extensive water/food/fingerprint stains.  A pressing may correct the mild stacking curl, but the defects I'm seeing suggest to me that a pressing could also lead to additional damage (specifically, additional edge chips, a longer spine split, or even a partially detached cover).  One man's opinion.  :foryou:

Bingo, I would not go near this book with a press either, or attempt any type of cleaning. You may end up doing more damage to the paper. 1.5/1.8. Thanks for posting.

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