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Hello, I've submitted books before, but never something that isn't in the Census. When subbing, I don't seem to have any way to note that this is not Twilight Children #1 regular cover - I'm guessing they will figure it out. Is there some note I should add and if so, how?

Another question: How will it be noted on the label? Simply "Variant Cover" or something else?

I have reached out to all the creatives (who are living), Darwyn Cooke's main LCS dealer and various Darwyn fan pages for info. This has no barcode. Best guess is that this was printed for a convention, Expo or private event - any info is helpful if you know something or even just if you've seen one or bought/sold one.  I overpaid for this one, (tho who can really say), and it's a part of my personal collection. I'm slabbing it to preserve it, not to sell. 

Thanks in advance.



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