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I have an opportunity to go to a local museum where Bill Sienkiewicz will be signing items.  I would like to know if after I am able to get his signature on my comic will I be able to send it in to get the Signature Signing status by CGC when it is slabbed and graded?

Meet artist Bill Sienkiewicz at the Dunn Museum during an exclusive signing. Visitors will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis. Bill will sign up to three items per person. No sketches. Museum admission required. 



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Good morning,

Thank you for your message. If the signing is not witnessed by an authorized CGC witness and directly submitted for grading, then the signature cannot be authenticated for Signature Series. Testimonials, photographs, video recordings, certificates of authenticity and any other proof of signing are not accepted.

Any items that have already been signed would not qualify for Signature Series label.  In most cases they would receive a green Qualified label.  This allows the graders to ignore the signature for grading purposes and the book is not downgraded for the writing.  Label Description | CGC (

Generally, at or below a 6.0 the writing/signature on the cover no longer has a significant impact on the grade and our graders may feel it is not necessary to qualify the grade.  They will factor the signature into grade and the book would receive a Universal (blue) label with the same notation of name on cover in marker.

Please do not send in COAs but retain them for your records as they are not needed for grading and may not be returned to you.

More information on our Signature Series Program can be found at:

Thank you!

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