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I was going to participate in a Captain Marvel 26 challenge on here until I reexamined my copy and found a smallish but noticeable water stain on the back cover, so instead I bring you War is Hell 9 for fun. This is clearly the *most important* appearance of Death in Marvel Comics. I mean, if it wasn't the most important, would they have put her on the cover? Twice?!? This one is in my category of underappreciated comics and really not valuable enough to be a great CGC candidate. Still, I almost sent this for a Claremont or Thomas signature before deciding against it b/c I had too many for them already. Tony Isabella is still around, so I suppose that would be another possibility. Secondary question to the grade, who would you choose?

Sadly, all the artists have passed on now but this is a really well drawn book IMO.











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On 7/2/2022 at 5:40 AM, grendelbo said:

My gut (which is also telling me grits and eggs) says 8.0/8.5.

Thanks for posting.

Shrimp and grits….sheesh!!! :slapfight:

Personally, this would look good in a PC without being slabbed.  Keep it bagged and boarded.  Otherwise, 8.5. (thumbsu

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