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The first comic you remember buying
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I was more into reading actual books as a kid than comic books.  I know my grandma had a handful that I read as a kid, but I can't say if I ever bought a traditional comic book for myself or not.

By the time I was in high school, I stumbled onto CREEPY/EERIE mags and regularly looked for new issues at the local variety store, but I probably only amassed about 20 of them at my peak, and 14 of them survived to be dug out of storage this past January and cue my Warren collecting for this spring.

So my best guess would be a CREEPY or an EERIE, but I have no idea which issue would have been my first.  All of the ones that survived were numbered in the late 80s to early 100s--contemporary with the late 1970s to early 1980s.

EDIT:  Could have also been a CRACKED or MAD magazine.  I liked CRACKED better, but I think I probably discovered MAD first, through a friend in grade school/junior high.  So there's a real good chance that the first "comic" I ever bought for myself was a MAD magazine in the early 70s.

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When I was four or so in the very early 70's I would be taken to a Discount Store in Gurnee Illinois and allowed to have a couple of packs of coverless Marvel Comics that were obviously unsold returned comics with the covers torn off that were then repackaged for the secondary market. I think there were three comics per pack with no idea what a pack cost but it couldn't have been much. I seem to remember they were mid 60's titles such as Tales Of Suspense and Tales To Astonish. I would love to be able to remember exactly what issues I had and what the packages looked like, I'm thinking they were in clear plastic sealed bags but I could be mistaken on that.

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On 7/3/2022 at 12:25 PM, 1950's war comics said:

the first comic i remember buying was Spider-Man 102..... a 25 cent double issue

i got 35 cents allowance a week so i still had a dime left  for some candy or a pack of football cards !

which was it-candy or football cards?  :taptaptap:

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Pretty sure it was Thor 175.Read it to death.I even remember reading the letters page and someone explaining how no one but Thor could lift the hammer.The next one was Thor #191 & & 193 was the first back issue I ordered.

So much good stuff from 70/71.Somewhere in there was Captain America,Captain Marvel,Lois Lane & Avengers.By the time the Picture Frame covers came out I was buying everything I could afford.

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