Rick and Morty #1 Oni Press 4/15
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I have a question about pricing for.

CGC Signature Series

(9.2 White Pages)

Rick and Morty #1 Oni Press 4/15

Signed & "Wubb Lubb Dub Dub"

By Justin Roiland on 7/17/17

Pictures slab is in plastic cover PXL_20220821_230552895.thumb.jpg.5b5bdd199e3031c34b979c67e34e1d45.jpg

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here's how I would go about pricing.  

Mostly use ebay 'sold' listings to compare.

If you can't find the exact comic or the exact grade, do your best and extrapolate.

For example, you can find how much the book is selling for without the signatures (universal blue label).  So that's your base. (for this specific situation, you can also use GPA analysis to get more data for the blue label price).

From there, there are plenty of signed graded Rick and Morty #1 books (different issues or variants) where you can find the sold price for both signed and unsigned versions.  You can collect as much data as you want to find out how much the signature adds on average.  I personally don't think you should use 9.8 data as the premium is unusually higher on a 9.8 book (which yours is not).  Obviously, the weight you give any data point should be higher if the grade is closer to the one you have or the value of the unsigned version is closer to the one you have.  Once you've collected enough (subjective to your own personal tastes), you can use the data to estimate how much value the signature provides to your book.  You can use as simple or complicated a method as you want, depending on your math abilities or preferences.  If math isn't your thing, you can probably just plot the data points in excel and do a super basic average and get an ok idea of the range.

GOod luck.

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