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For those following this thread, running journals here, or who are interested in reading them, I have contacted a member of management at Invision and made my case for the comments filter, referring him to this thread. He said it was a 'fine suggestion' and will be speaking to the development team to hopefully have it included saying it would be 'simple enough to fix'. Apparently, we here on the CGC Forum are using the journals in a way that Invision were not expecting, hence the absence of what would otherwise have been considered an obvious filter choice.

Fingers crossed that's the case and maybe we will see the capability added in a future update. I'll look out for it.

In the meantime, those wondering why your journals get so little traffic, don't lose heart. Your comments have very little visibility presently, and many members won't even be aware that you've posted - especially those with an ad-block in place (which apparently eliminates the journals side bar).

Getting a comments filter added will be a great step forwardΒ :wishluck:Β 

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A final update on this from me - my Invision contact hasn't followed up and has ignored my (single) "did you speak to the tech guys?" chaser. It's hard to help some people, isn't it, and it's a little demeaning constantly chasing them. I'm trying to help them make their product better, after all, and have put a lot of effort into clarifying what the issues are and what could be done. Still, that seems to be the way of the world lately.

I did find this on the Invision website while browsing blog related comments from other website users - someone was complaining that there were too many blog (journal) reference points on their site, prompting the Invision lead to respond with this:


As that and this thread of mine shows, the journals do seem to annoy some people. I don't get it myself - they're just user content in a different format - but at least someone at Invision has a sense of humour about it!

Anyway, it's clear that no one wants to help me with this, or is appreciative of the efforts I've put in, so I'm stepping back now and won't be using the journals here at CGC again. It's a shame, I enjoyed them and had a lot more to add, but there's really no point if no one knows that they even exist let alone that you're posting in them. I do think it was worth the effort however, over the last year or so to try and get some visibility - the software has much to commend it and could be used to great effect - but sooner or later you have to admit defeat and move on. No one likes a whinger, after all, and that's regrettably how you end up feeling when you take up a cause with CGC. It's their site though, and they can do as they please, when they please, if they please.

See you at Wordpress!Β 

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