Batman Spawn from Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo 12/13/2022
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On 9/17/2022 at 9:58 AM, Tec-Tac-Toe said:

In my experience, TFAW provides relatively horrendous (typically 8.0 to 9.2, with some 7.5) copies of Marvel and Dynamite. Both companies, especially Dynamite, are known for lousy cover stock as noted numerous times on these boards. Thankfully, I order/ed very little from either one initially to test the waters. Dynamite, for one, rarely "disappointed", with perhaps two comic books out of twenty having no damage (cbst, dents, creases). I have stopped purchasing Dynamite (and, I'll note, IDW) titles. I'll also note that Dynamite copies at my LCSs are also, generally, pure manure.

Thus far, about six months, TFAW has typically provided me with 9.8 copies of DC titles. However, if that changes, I'll drop TFAW like a bad habit.

Oh yea, I quit ordering Dynamite from TFAW.  I know they have horrible print quality but Dark Dominion as I stated above obviously vets the books, so even Dynamite books I've gotten from them have mostly been 9.4+.

I have 1 last large order coming from TFAW right now that the pre-orders were locked, and not able to cancel; that is, I chose to just let it ride instead of telling my Credit Union to block any and all charges from them which I could have done.  I want to keep my options open for the future if they get their mess together at some point.

:wishluck: I actually get this order packed properly.

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I enjoyed the 1994 series (Spawn Batman and Batman Spawn: War Devil). I have not yet decided whether to purchase a reading copy of the upcoming series.

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Those are store exclusives, right? Some of them are fantastic.

This book will do well retail wise for as long as stores/vendors at shows have copies. I speculated on Batman Three Jokers 1 - 3 and sell copies steadily at shows for $10 apiece. People see it and snap it up.

I expect this book will be the same, but you have to be more selective with the covers and just buy the artists that sell consistently. That being said, it will have mass x-over appeal as Spawn and Batman collectors will want it.

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The upcoming Batman Spawn #1 is tracking to become the best-selling comic book of 2022 by a wide margin, and it's no secret why. This crossover special not only reunites the two superhero icons for the first time since 1994, it's also a reunion between Spawn's creator, Todd McFarlane, and his former collaborator Greg Capullo. But Capullo isn't the only DC artist tackling the Batman/Spawn pairing this time. DC's Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee is one of several superstar artists providing variant covers for this issue.


IGN can exclusively reveal Lee's incredibly dynamic cover art for Batman/Spawn #1, which features inks by Scott Williams and colors by Alex Sinclair. Feast your eyes on this clash of comic book titans:

IGN also had the chance to briefly chat with Lee about the experience of contributing to the crossover. In particular, we were curious how Lee felt about reuniting with fellow Image Comics co-founder McFarlane 30 years after they and their colleagues left Marvel to form their own, independent publisher. Is it surreal to be making comics alongside Todd McFarlane again?

"Surreal is a good descriptor, for sure, in that I don’t think anyone could have charted a timeline that would have seen a bunch of artists leave Marvel at the relative height of their influence to start their own comic book company, but then also continue as individuals to forge third and fourth acts on their own," Lee told IGN. "But at the same time, putting a deal together with Todd felt super natural and an extension of the bond that was forged when we all launched Image Comics. And the conversations since have all been around how much fun can we have with this crossover and ultimately, how big of an event can this be if we simply focus on the fun and sheer spectacle of it all."

Lee's Batman has certainly become one of the most recognizable incarnations of the character in all of pop culture, thanks to his work on books like Batman: Hush and the New 52 Justice League series. But Spawn is a character Lee has comparatively little experience drawing. We were curious how he approached the challenge of combining both characters into one image and making the more horror-influenced Spawn feel at home alongside the traditionally heroic Batman.

"It was 100% challenging because the two characters do share a lot of visual similarities and they are both driven by a core need to exact justice, so the mission was - how can I compare and contrast in a single cover who these characters are?" Lee said. "So with Spawn, I went with a slimmer, more athletic build where the cape was a living extension of this powers. And with Batman, I chose a squared-off, thicker, old-school boxer physique. Hunched over with coiled muscles, this Batman reacts with lightning speed to any threat and his cape is more of a camouflage element—a way for Batman to blend into the deepest of shadows."

Batman Spawn #1 will be released in comic shops, digital storefronts and in Barnes & Noble stores on December 14. You can also preorder Batman/Spawn: The Classic Collection, a new graphic novel reprinting both of the previous crossovers from 1994.


In other Spawn news, McFarlane recently announced that the writers behind Joker and Captain America: New World Order have signed on to write the long-awaited Spawn reboot movie.




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On 10/22/2022 at 8:22 PM, ak47po said:


Yikes, those are sale prices!

I purchase new DC releases but the most I have ever spent, for a 1:25 I believe, was $24.99, if I recall correctly, about three months ago and thought about spending that amount for about a week, give or take. I don't recall spending more than a few dollars, early 2000s, for MC variants and/or limited releases.

Apparently, I'm a cheapskate.

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I expect there to be at least 50 variants for this book.

I would be surprised if there were less. There is one variant by Capullo and McFarlane that I genuinely love.

It pains me that it's a glow in the dark cover though.

Aside from that, most of these variants really feel soulless 



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