Tracking time now extended to 16 months
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¿Why create cut-ins (fast track) and not just charge more for Grading?

First of all, charging more would enable CGC Comics to afford more personnel to maintain turn around times, on schedule.

"Fast Track" seems to be an other name for "Black Market" and this has turned out to become the main stream of CGC's actual operation bias.

So, us unluckly ones that trusted that the system was still the same, find ourselves in a pit hole, worst of all, those of us that don't mind affording the Fast Track Fee if we would have been worned about it in time and not after waiting 10 months.

It's great that you raised your profits with this new system (I really wish you were in the stock market so I could make money as well), but it's bad for us that are stuck in the final phase of the old system.


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