CGC Cards Vs CGC Comics
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@CGC Mike I know you pop in here often but figured I'd tag you.  As this is very positive unlike a lot of my more recent posts tagging you lol 

CGC Comics side of things is a mess (I know preaching to the choir). 

CGC Cards on the other hand is working like a well oiled machine.  Cards were received and opened quickly.  All TATs were faster than the posted times (unlike my Econ books which are now overdue but looking at the thread they'll still be another 20 + business days...which puts them almost 2 months behind CGC's posted times, it's very clear they don't care about econ else they wouldn't have econ FT at only 20 days and regular at 235).  Not our first batch back from CGC cards but one of the nicest small touches is that all the cards have the correct labeling but MORESO was the fact that the box was in order!  I don't think I've ever received a comic box in which my submission was in the correct order.  More often than not there will be about 5 or so books not in the correct spot (maybe this is why QC is so messed up :baiting: ).

Wish we had more cards to send down right now as we are very pleased all around with the card section.

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