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Campaign extended to December 15 midnight PST.

Some explanation of this campaign provided by the person running it:



It might be useful to explain why this crowdfund campaign is necessary.

I started working on this book in 2013.  And in truth, the seed for it was planted around 2001, when I wrote an article about WEB OF HORROR that was included in the limited hardcover edition of THE WARREN COMPANION.  

Most of the material published in WEB OF HORROR #1 thru 3 is not in public domain, the rights being held by the writers, artists, and their estates.  The rights for all the Wrightson work, for example, are owned by his widow, Liz Wrightson.  

It became apparent, if only because it was the right thing to do, that contributors to WEB OF HORROR deserved and needed to be paid a royalty, ideally, an amount up front.   A small page rate was agreed to by me and the contributors.  Given the amount of the material, when totalled up, the sum was in the thousands.

In 2014, I placed THE COMPLETE WEB OF HORROR with Dark Horse, with whom I'd worked in the past.  By the end of 2015, they decided they didn't want to publish the book, due to the royalty arrangement.  

In 2016, I moved to the UK, and in 2017, with the help of Steve Saffel, I placed the book with Titan Books.  The idea of the crowdfunder for raising the royalties was part of the discussion.  They seemed on board with this, but then by 2018, they weren't, and a second publisher decided not to publish the book.

In 2020, I approached Gary Groth at Fantagraphics Books.  I've known Gary since contributing to  THE COMICS JOURNAL in the '80s, and at this point, I'm not sure why I didn't go to him in the first place.   (I think Dark Horse was my first choice because they were publishing the CREEPY and EERIE archives, and in 2013, they'd collected my adaptation of Tom De Haven's FREAKS' AMOUR.)

It's been a process of getting all the parties on the same page with new agreements for reprinting and publishing this material, tracking down originals for lost stories, and planning the crowdfunder.

Which brings us to now ... nine years later, still trying to make this book a reality.

As I've said many times, this book is a labor of love for me, and Gary has said he'd like to make this book as beautiful as the recent Ray Bradbury/EC collection, HOME TO STAY, which is a gorgeous volume, to be sure.

We promise everyone a book that will knock your socks off, with many stories printed from scans of the original art.

The fate of this book is your hands now.  

Please help us make this happen.



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