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The book is designated Apparent SA, apparent slight amateur, so it isn't guaranteed to come back Conserved as the quality of the work (and the materials used) might be very poor and not up to the standard necessary (in this case the adhesive used might not be archive safe, or applied in poor manner which makes it very apparent).

Also keep in mind the 'slight' part of the designation isn't the best to use when assuming the amount of work done, especially on older slabbed books - it might not be slight in nature. I have a book that was sent for conservation, and the pro working on it consulted with CGC every step of the way to confirm it fell within their guidelines, but when it came time to grading CGC felt the amount of conservation (tear seals / reinforcement) was a tad too much to be safely considered conservation and so they gave it a RESTORED (sp) label.

If you want to be sure, cracking it open prior to grading is the best way to inspect it.

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