Anything special about War Is Hell #1? Good Story? Good Art? What?

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It's all reprints from various Marvel/Atlas war books from the 1950s. 

But starting with issue #9, the comic contains original stories about a spirit GI who possesses random soldiers in various WW2 theaters of war. Something about being a servant of Death. Chris Claremont wrote some of the issues. They're pretty decent, but it's been a long time since I read. them. The title was cancelled with issue #15.

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On 11/10/2022 at 5:32 PM, NoMan said:

Never heard of title before. Was in the local comic shop and it was 100$ (9.4 raw, I think). Went on MCS and that seems to be the going price. I dunno. Somebody school me, please! Thanks!

I have a few HG copies of the title.  Love the cover art on the whole run.  I believe Trimpe did most of them. 

That's probably a little steep for #1.  I quickly did an E-bay scan for issue #1 in 9.4 and found a CGC copy sold for $63 and a 9.6 for $117.

Issue #9 can get expensive due to 1st appearance of "Death".  Really cool cover though.

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