Are 9.8 downgrades common with signings?
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How common is it to submit graded 9.8s for signings and receive back a lower grade?

This is my first time sending in slabs for signing and I keep seeing these stories of 9.8s coming back lower and it has me a little concerned.

I sent in 2 9.8 Spawn #1s and a 9.0 Spider-Man 300 to the McFarland signing and a complete run of 9.8s Marvel Civil War (2006-2007) to the McNiven signing.

I understand that that is a risk I take sending them in, but how common is it? 1 in 10? 1 in 50? 90%? etc etc.

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I don’t think anyone will have specific percentages in any kind of sample size that will be useful for any specific situation.

best defense is to press after sign

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