Cert# not found in our database
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Can someone help with this issue? Thanks 

Slot Certification# Registered Valid for Slot Message
Batman 44 1245958001 No No

The certification number you specified was not found in our cert database.


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Had this happen to me once, you need to take pictures of the front, back, and of the label and email CGC customer service as evidence it is one of there's, also send along the screenshot of the actual search in their database results. In a rare occasion when they update computers one or two label's fall off the radar for registry. 

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 I recently bought this From Hell #1 cert # 4011743002 and it isn’t showing up in the census.  When I tried to message CGC by clicking on “contact” it doesn’t give me the option to attach the scans.  Who do I need to email specifically in customer service in order to get an answer to my question?  Thanks 




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  • Administrator
On 12/21/2022 at 10:40 AM, Jasonmorris1000000 said:

Hi @Barth.  I called this toll free number and they fixed me right up.  It might be quicker than an email?



His problem is with the registry.  This is different from the cert lookup.  I am told web help needs to fix this.


On 12/21/2022 at 9:30 AM, Barth said:

@CGC Mike Let me know if I need to call. Thank you for your help! 

It might take a little time but as web help is behind in their work but, I will get this fixed for you.

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