CLOSED - SOLD! Rare Price Variant: Fantastic Four V3 #60/889: CGC 9.4 - $75
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I am selling my private collection, all of which is Fantastic Four related.  I will ultimately have one-hundred forty graded comics, most of which will be Silver and Bronze Age (some of which, like FF #1, are listed in Silver forum).  One hundred of those are still at CGC waiting on grading.  Thirty-two of the forty slabs I received back so far have been sold, both here and elsewhere.  


Fantastic Four V3 #60/489: CGC 9.4: Rare Price Variant---- $75

This is the very scarce $2.25 newsstand price variant.  This comic may well be one of the rarest price variants ever, and one of the least known. The back story is this:  In 2002 DC Comics published a comic with a throwback price of 10-cents titled, "Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure".  That promotion was very successful.  In response, Marvel published this comic with a 9-cent cover price.  Those 9-cent issues are a dime-a-dozen.  What makes the story interesting, is that DC Comics subsidized all non-comic book store sales, which means they ate the difference between what would have been the normal price and the 10-cent price.  Consequently, all issues of the DC comic were 10-cents.  Marvel chose not to do that.  Instead they decided to issue a regular $2.25 priced comic for non-comic book stores like Wal-Mart, Walden Books, etc.  Those major chain stores do not keep or sell old comic stock.  If the comic does not sell within a certain time frame, they destroy them.  That means the only copies of this price variant that exist are those that someone just happened to pick up off of the rack at one of the non comic book chain stores during the short time the issue was for sale.  No one knows how many of those exist.
Last I looked, there were only twenty-two total copies of this book in the CGC census.  Fourteen of those are CGC 9.8.  According to the Go Collect website, NONE of the 9.8 books has ever been sold on any of the public sites, so collectors are hanging onto them.  This comic is just the 2nd to grade 9.4


PAYMENT: PayPal, Personal Check, or Money Order.  I will send a PayPal request for funds (not an invoice) to a verified USA PayPal account for “goods and services”, and ship once funds have transferred successfully to my bank.  Checks and Money Orders have to clear and be verified by bank before shipping.

SHIPPING:  USPS Priority Mail, insured, with tracking and signature required, to USA addresses = $18.00:   Will be an additional $20.00, if you prefer Registered mail.   (Items are insured through Collectibles Insurance, not through USPS.  If you want USPS insurance also, that will be extra.)

SALES TAX:  INDIANA SALES ONLY! = 7%  I do have to collect and pay sales tax on any Indiana sales. I am not required to report or collect sales tax anywhere else.  That will be between you and your state.    


RETURNS:  No returns for CGC slabbed items, unless there is damage in route.    


RESTRICTIONS:  USA only at this time.  No HOS or Probationary members.

(NOTE:  If there is any Fantastic Four comic you are looking for, slabbed or raw, let me know.  I probably have it and could list it here.)


This is a nice case.  Slabbed April of 2022.  I included images of the raw comic as well.




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