Downsizing Sale: A Little Bit of Everything

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Black Panther Lot
Jungle Action 8 Copy A 8.0
Jungle Action 8 Copy B 7.0
Jungle Action 19 7.5 Outline of the interior front cover advert elements show through. It's odd. Doesn't feel raised. 
Jungle Action 20 7.0
Jungle Action 21 Copy A 8.5
Jungle Action 21 Copy B 7.0
Jungle Action 22 Copy A 8.5
Jungle Action 22 Copy B 7.0
Marvel Premiere 51 8.5
Marvel Premiere 52 8.0
Marvel Premiere 53 8.5 (Including as a freebie due to odd interior front cover marks that look like color touch bleed through. Third photo below.)




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I’ll be closing this down tonight, with invoices, etcetera to follow.

I simply haven’t had the time to really get some momentum going and interest doesn’t seem to high. Again, offer I’d welcome. I almost always say yes. (It’s a character flaw.)

Thanks everyone.

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