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Hi all!  I wanted to bring to your attention a consignment from the estate of inker Dave Hunt at the current ComicLink auction.  As Dave related to me when we worked together on his 2018 autobiography, in the early to mid-1970s, Dave sat next to Frank Giacoia on a daily basis in the Marvel Bullpen.  Dave and Frank shared inking duties on The Amazing Spider-Man, with Dave inking background images first, and then Frank inking the main figures. 

Dave apparently made photocopies of his partially inked pages on a regular basis, perhaps to document his contributions to the final project.  Dave's son ended up with a complete set of vintage photocopies of the partially inked interiors to Amazing Spider-Man #129.  The auction listing above includes some images of the photocopies of the partially inked pages, and it is an interesting view into the creative process.  Check it out, and better yet bid!  The proceeds will go to Dave Hunt's family.  Cheers, Lee

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