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Uncanny X-men 121 1st full Alpha Flight

Fine-  Looks better, but foxing inside fc & bc (see photos), nice cover gloss and structurally book is solid, foxing top edge bc, small black mark top edge bc is distributor ink over spray. Pages crow.

$50 :news: Sold to Incredible Pulp

Uncanny X-men 121.jpg

Uncanny X-men 121 - bc.jpg



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On 11/25/2022 at 9:02 AM, Djohnson321 said:

Uncanny X-men 6  Namor revealed as a mutant


$100  Corner piece missing LL goes thru entire book, does not effect story, corner piece missing LRC, heavy wear along spine with creases and tics that break color, 3/4-inch tear right middle edge, loose pieces barely hanging on lower right side bc, 1-inch tear top edge bc, two 1/2-inch tears bottom edge bc. corner chip missing top right bc, cf and several pages detached from interior staples, but cover attached (barely) and book is complete and all there, including pinup

Uncanny X-men 6.jpg

Uncanny X-men 6 - bc.jpg

Take at 20% off

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