Quick Fire Sale! 25 Lady Death and other books for $1k shipped. =Closed=

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Hello CGC boarders, welcome to my sale thread for tuitions and upcoming holiday travel expenses. Your purchases will be greatly appreciated.  :peace:

Let me start with the details...

The grade is accurately based on Overstreet: Guide to Grading Comics. The individual will have exact grade while set, lot and full run will have range grade. 

:takeit: win over any PMs. 

Payment via PayPal only.

Returns accept. 

Best offer via PM are welcome.

Please add $5 for shipping cost, but if you claim any item(s) on my thread with $30 or more, it will be free shipping. Claiming over $50 will be free priority mail! 

No HOS and/or Probation members.

My kudos page is located in my signature area, and you can check my eBay feedback on shipping. I take pride in the well-secured package to ship. My eBay ID is kntelitecollectibles 

This video is my introduction...


Any questions? Please feel free to PM me. 

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25 comic books and mostly come from kickstarter's mystery envelope. With my price offer, it's $40 apiece. It's a great deal because some of them can sell more than $100 apiece. Also, two of them are BP edition and limited less than 10 copies existed. It's a great lot for anyone who want to resale in timely manner. My loss is your gain! :)


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