CLOSED/SOLD All Spawn thread (raw; many newsstand editions, including sticker versions)
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5 Simple Rules (Please, please read)


1st :takeit: wins; tie/indeterminate goes to the thread.

Payment is Check or Money Order (yeah, yeah I know I'm a dinosaur, troglodyte, luddite, mennonite, hermaphrodite etc. - I just don't have or want e-payments.)

Shipping: Via USPS Priority is $10; stacks requiring Medium Priority Box is $17. Priority Flat Rate Legal envelopes are running $10.20 to ship now; Medium Boxes $17.05. (Canada ships at actual cost.)

Don't be listy (tsk) including the little one in my head.

Returns: Sure, just notify me within three days of receipt and get it back to me in the same shape on your dime, except no returns on graded books.

(Kudos thread linked under my avatar.)

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I’ve got a sizable stack of Spawn here that ought to help fill some runs. (No luck on that 150-low 200s range, but a lot of #’s between 50 and 100).

I’ll probably do a very random copper/modern thread immediately after this; feel free to stay through both threads and combine shipping, but by separating into two threads, the Spawn-only crowd can check out if they like, and it’s more manageable than one big thread, for both me and browsers.

Just PM me at end of the Spawn books if you’re sticking for the next thread. Otherwise, I’ll pm you to settle up and get your books out when I close this one, before opening the next thread. (thumbsu

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