Where To Find An Invoice/Breakdown Detailing Exact Fees
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I recently sent a small batch of comics (my first) to be graded which were received by CGC about two weeks ago. What I am having trouble finding is a breakdown of the fees I'm being (or will be) charged. I realize it is too soon for the books to have their grading completed, but I was charged immediately (possibly the day the package arrived at CGC) nearly $190.00 by Classic Collectibles SVCS. I understand this is for the requested pressing of the comics, but I do not know at this point if that whole amount is for the pressing, or if anything else falls under that fee. It's causing further confusion to me as to how far my membership fees are going toward paying for CGC services as a whole. Is there an area of the site where I can see a breakdown of services/charges for my specific submissions? Or maybe that comes later when all services are completed? Thank you for your help, any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

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