2022 Holiday FS thread: High grade GA/SA/BA (Summary and price reductions on pg. 1)
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Tales of Suspense #49 VF+ : $1,500

Very undervalued issue and a tough one to find in high grade. Book was formerly a very early CGC 8.5 blue which I did crack to keep for my collection 20 years ago. I found a slightly better copy a year ago so this is now my undercopy.

Unfortunately, I was not keeping labels during those early years so there is no label included. I agree with the grade though; it looks better from the front cover but there is something on back cover near the lower staple. It looks like a faint stain at first glance but it doesn't go through the cover and after looking at it carefully it rather looks like some kind of abrasion.



TOS 49 bc flaw.jpeg

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Super-Villain Team-Up #1-17 full run: $1,350

My personal run of this series. Most of them are file copies that have been purchased from zillaf4 18 years ago.

Grades are as follow:

#1: 9.4

#2: 9.4

#3: 9.2

#4: 9.2/9.4

#5: 9.4/9.6 (1st app. The Shroud)

#6: 9.4

#7: 9.4

#8: 9.4

#9: 9.2

#10: 9.2/9.4 (classic cover)

#11: 9.2/9.4

#12: 9.6

#13: 9.6

#14: 9.2/9.4

#15: 9.4

#16: 9.2/9.4

#17: 9.4

Super-Villain Team-Up 1.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 2.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 3.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 4.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 5.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 6.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 7.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 8.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 9.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 10.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 11.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 12.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 13.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 14.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 15.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 16.jpg

Super-Villain Team-Up 17.jpg

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