2022 Holiday FS thread: High grade GA/SA/BA (Summary and price reductions on pg. 1)
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Strange Tales #89 VF: $12,000

Book looks much better than assigned grade with nice corners, gorgeous spine and awesome colors and gloss. It is also extremely well centered as you can see the man below in his totality (full left foot).

I have to downgrade it to a VF 8.0 because of light curves along the spine probably due to storage and that do not break any color so an easy press for those of you who can stand that practice. Also because there is some tanning along inside covers margins and on back cover (see pictures below, last picture was under an angle and the book looks curved on it but it's not). Inside pages are off-white. Note that there are no inside pages poking through the right edge as it is now so common to see today with pressed books (the costanza effect)....

Feel free to compare this copy with any other copy in 7.0,7.5,8.0 or even 8.5 that sold in the past years or may be currently available for sale. I highly doubt that you will find a better looking copy



ST 89c.jpeg

ST 89g.jpeg

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Star Spangled War Stories #154 NM- : $175 

Origin Unknown Soldier

Absolutely gorgeous copy. Small date stamp on cover. A small ding on lower left corner that does not break colors keeps this book from being 9.4/9.6. Inside pages are at least OW/W and smell fresh. Tough issue to find in high grade due to the dark cover.



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Strange Adventures #117-160 full run Atomic Knights: $4,000

It took me more than three decades to complete this run in high grade and it's a much tougher run to complete than any Marvel super-hero title for which, when you have the money, you can complete a run relatively quickly. Forget this with the Atomic Knights, even if you have the cash, some issues are just impossible to find and come out in the market very rarely. The offering here is therefore a unique opportunity. I will NOT break the run. I will either sell them all or keep them all. This is a title that I know that once sold, I will never be able to find again in that kind of condition.

Grades are as follow:

#117: 7.5

#120: 7.0

#123: 8.0

#126: 8.0

#129: 8.0

#132: 8.0

#135: 9.0

#138: 9.2 (former CGC, now cracked but label will be included)

#141: 8.5

#142: 8.5

#144: 9.0

#147: 7.5

#150: 9.0

#153: 9.2

#156: 9.0

#160: 8.5/9.0 (looks better from the fc but downgraded because of bc)

Note that I got about half of them from the personal collection of Rick High several years ago. For those like me whom have bought from him in the past, you know how nice are his books.

Also note that #142 is not an Atomic Knights issue but it features the Faceless Creature which character I always did like which is why it's also included (I wish I could include a copy of #124 as well)


Strange Adventures 117.jpg


Strange Adventures 120.jpg

Strange Adventures 123.jpg


Strange Adventures 126.jpg

Strange Adventures 129.jpg

Strange Adventures 132.jpg

Strange Adventures 135.jpg

Strange Adventures 138 CGC 9.2.jpg

Strange Adventures 138.jpg

Strange Adventures 141.jpg

Strange Adventures 142.jpg


Strange Adventures 144.jpg

Strange Adventures 147.jpg

Strange Adventures 150.jpg

Strange Adventures 153.jpg

Strange Adventures 156.jpg

Strange Adventures 160.jpg


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On 12/2/2022 at 6:07 PM, pickycollector said:

Thor #207 VF+ to VF/NM: $40

Light impact ding on upper left corner that does not break colors

Thor 207.jpg


On 12/3/2022 at 2:33 PM, pickycollector said:

Superman #249 NM- : $90

Neal Adams art; Origin and 1st app. Terra-Man

Superman 249.jpg

:takeit:Will take Thor #207 and Superman #249 as per PM.

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