2022 Holiday FS thread: High grade GA/SA/BA (Summary and price reductions on pg. 1)
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Inhumans #1-12: all for $750

My personal run of this series. Most of them are file copies that have been purchased from zillaf4 18 years agoGrades are as follow:

1: 9.4/9.6

2: 9.4 (probably pressable to 9.6/9.8)

3: 9.4

4: 9.6

5: 9.6

6: 9.2

7: 9.4

8: 9.2

9: 9.6

10: 9.6

11: 9.6

12: 9.6

Inhumans 1.jpg

Inhumans 2.jpg

Inhumans 3.jpg

Inhumans 4.jpg

Inhumans 5.jpg

Inhumans 6.jpg

Inhumans 7.jpg

Inhumans 8.jpg

Inhumans 9.jpg

Inhumans 10.jpg

Inhumans 11.jpg

Inhumans 12.jpg

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Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated #1-8 full run: $180

Awesome art and spectacular Frazetta covers on these magazines.

Grades are as follow:

#1: 9.0/9.2

#2: 9.2

#3: 9.6

#4: 9.8

#5: 9.4

#6: 7.5 looks NM but long crease on front cover that does not break colors

#7: 8.5/9.0

#8: 9.2

Frank Frazetta 1.jpg

Frank Frazetta 2.jpg

Frank Frazetta 3.jpg

Frank Frazetta 4.jpg

Frank Frazetta 5.jpg

Frank Frazetta 6.jpg

Frank Frazetta 7.jpg

Frank Frazetta 8.jpg

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Fear #3 former CGC 9.2: $120

Book was cracked out of its CGC slab but the CGC label has been kept and will be included with the book.

This is the John Fantucchio copy and looks slightly better imho. The notes mention creases but I barely see them and they do not break colors (except at the tip of upper left corner), tough grading by CGC on this one.

CGC Grader Notes



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