On ebay - Zeck Captain America, Sears Power Girl, Grant Morrison Animal Man, Batwoman! Supergirl! and more

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Hi Folks

I have 8 different auctions on ebay right now so take a look! 

Also, as long as there are no bids, you can buy off ebay for at least 10% off the ebay price (some pieces you can have for 15% off, just ask).

link to my ebay auctions

The items are:

1. Mike Zeck Captain America Full Figure Commission

2. Tom Grummett Animal Man issue 14 page (Grant Morrison storyline)

3. TWO original pages featuring Superman and Supergirl by Viacava

4. Christian Gossett Sketch of Maya from Red Star

5. Bart Sears Power Girl Commission

6. Khoi Pham X-Men Legacy DPS Legion all action page

7. Rafael Navarro Emma Frost White Queen Sketch

8. Two original Batwoman pages by Viacava


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