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Hello @ramithard,

Thank you for sending the photos so I can verify this. We apologize for the situation and any inconvenience you have experienced.  Please follow the instructions below to submit your item(s) for complimentary reholder service. After you complete the online submission form a link will be provided to generate a prepaid shipping label.

1. Log into your account online at www.cgccomics.com (you will have to be at least a free member to access the forms)

2. Click on the My CGC logo in the top right-hand corner and then go down to My Submissions. 


3.  Scroll down to the Submission forms and click on the online form. 

4. Click on "Start New order"  


  1. Select the type of submission (comic, magazine, poster, etc.)
  2. Then select Mail in/show drop off.


  1. Then select Mechanical Error under "Special/Return Services"



  1. From there just follow the instructions to add your book information and complete the rest of the form

*Please note if you are an international customer, you will need to contact customer service to obtain an international pre-paid shipping label*

Please write ME in bold, clear lettering on ALL sides of your box.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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