Mechanical error turn arround time (Mcfarlane signature label)
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So its come to my attention that the cgc hologram logo isnt supposed to overlap the todd mcfarlane label on the signature series signed comics hes done.

I got an ASM #300, which at 9.2 signed is now worth quite a bit. So my concern here is inusrance on your provided label and turn around times for mechanical error fixes.

Can some one tell me what you cover and how long it would take?


I need to determine if i want it fixed or if it might be worth just hanging on to it as the hassle of mailing and having to take a day off of work to sign for it need to be considered.

How quickly will this happen?

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  • Administrator


Thank you for your questions. Our ME process and shipping is privately insured fully. The turnaround time however is based on what we have in house and is not posted publicly. We do send these through a faster reholder service than what is posted on our site, but there is no specific estimation on the turnaround times for ME submissions. I am sorry for this inconvenience. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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