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Hi Guys

Im new here. Let me get to the point. I want to get my comics graded but so many people told me its not worth it, its too risky blah blah blah. Why is that? 

If i post it with with the correct couriers then surely it shouldn't be a problem right.

Has anyone here sent theirs from South Africa and what was the outcome. Pls help! 

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I assume if you use reputable companies and get proper insurance the risk is sufficiently mitigated, but there might be limits if you’re sending big books (but then little books might not be worth the cost).

whether or not it’s worth it is extremely subjective to both the books and the submitter.


the CGC submission costs are obviously higher per book in terms of transport, and the projected realizable prices (if you wanted to sell) are probably impacted (probably lower due to limited market) as well, and right now translation of currency might be a major impact as the USD is quite strong 


it might depend on how well you know the “local” market, if you’re buying and selling.




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Maybe give us some idea of the number of books you want graded and what eras they cover. That would increase the interest in your thread. One option might be to buy (or trade for?) already graded copies of some of the books in your collection, depending on which books they are, of course! Maybe not if we're talking IH181 or ASM129.

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