(CLOSED) TAKE 25% OFF EVERYTHING!* Annual EOY Leftover Sales thread! Marvel & DC Silver & Bronze
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Hey all - as I've done the last few years, I keep a box going throughout the year where put left overs from small lot purchases, under copies when I upgrade a book, etc...just all manner of misfit books which still have value but I don't need anymore. And then as I've done in the past I toss them together in this one big end-of-year sales thread!

I apologize for not alphabetizing them or anything... so you're going to see them as I pull them from the box. Makes it more exciting that way, I suppose. LOL

Looks like about 100 books or so, all in. It's a nearly full short box this year.

Ok, first the rules.

:takeit:in the thread always rules the day. Happy to listen to offers (especially on multiple books) but regardless of PM negotiation, something needs to be posted in the thread to make it official.  Thanks!

Payment: Paypal only please.
Shipping: At cost. That goes for domestic or international. Not looking to make any money off of shipping, just get you your books safe and sound.
Returns: Within a week of receipt please.

I'll pull the first few books to get it started tonight, but then I'll do as much as I'm able tomorrow.




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