Comic book ends?
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Good question.. I'm sure others have far smarter solutions than me, but this is what I've done.  

The best thing I've found is stocking up backing Boards. A couple of unopened packages of comic book boards works well and then you can use them as you go. It's probably not the most economical solution, but if your going to use them, it makes sense. 

I've also used thick books that are similar sized to comics. The problem with books is, it can make the weight distribution uneven. Not a big deal, but something to be conscious of when you move the box around. 

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When I collected sports cards, I would use a small foam piece that could be bent to fit however many cards were in a given set, and then it would expand to fill void. A comic box would require a much larger piece of foam obviously, so I don't know how economical a solution like that would be. Like many of the others here, I just use backing boards new in package.

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