Wondering what kind of grade this would get with the tear in the back?
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Im going to get this pressed and cleaned before it gets sent off but wanted to get opinions on what people thing the grade might be.  Its a fairly nice copy, the cover is attached (albeit very close to tearing) and the tear on the back. The chunk seems to be all there, it was folded up when I received it.  I was thinking anywhere from a 3.0-4.0 but really not sure with this specific book.











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On 12/4/2022 at 11:31 PM, Lightning55 said:

Thank you.  I wasn't sure if I should keep it here because I was more curious about the tear.  Is it possible for an admin to move it over or should I just delete and repost?

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I'm not sure how to move or delete.  I do recall someone saying there is a link at the top right to delete it or just edit it to a blank post.  Maybe where the 3 dots are on your first post, which may more options than I can see, because you are the author.

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