Is this considered an error, or not?
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I recently pulled this Giratina alt art from a booster pack. Other than the off-centered alignment, it has these white dots all over the reverse, in the bottom-right corner. Are these white dots considered an error? Just not really sure how to categorize the card, as I am trying to sell it, but not sure if it considered LP, MP, error print, etc. 
Thanks for any input.




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Hello! Unfortunately, it would be hard to tell if this was an error card from photos alone and we would require the card to be submitted to know for sure. This being said my team has confirmed this is most likely due to the cards being stacked before the ink is fully dry. This means it would most likely be considered surface damage rather than an Error card. Please feel free to look into our Error Guide as well! I included the link below. Thank you.  

CGC Trading Cards Error Guide | CGC (

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