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Hello. I am new to comic collecting. I was reading Batman vs Predator III #2 and noticed some errors in the printing. All the pages seem to be off centered and some pages seems to bleed into others. Is this common? Or is this considered an error? Any help is appreciated. I added a few photos for reference. All pages are about the same. Let me know if you need other pics. 





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Errors comics like that are very common, as quality control on them is poor.   Errors on coins or bills are rare because thgey are usually caught at production and seldom escape into the public.  

Errors in comics generally only matter if there is a corrected version.

The printing errors on your comic do not increase its value or its desirebility, if that is what you wanted to know. 

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On 12/22/2022 at 12:42 PM, aderby86 said:

Thank you. I was curious cuz you hear errors are rare and worth money lol but I didn’t realize this was common in comics. Thank you for the feedback. This helps a lot. 

there are definitely some errors that are worth money in comics too.  This type of error typically doesn't fall into that category.

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