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On 1/5/2023 at 4:09 AM, DanPugsley said:

Thinking about bidding on this, Angela 3 9.8 with barcode,  but wondering if the new designation for newsstand at CGC would be worth resubmitting to get the new label?

So.... its subjective.

Thankfully you have a starting point of cost for an unspecified label, whatever you paid.

Take a look at the costs of resubmission for your situation:  Shipping, insurance, packaging, submission costs, invoice fee, return shipping, return insurance.  You can probably work this out on the website, it might depend on your membership level and geography.

Then also factor in the amount of time the resubmission will take.  And/or possible risk of loss damage in the process (yes you have insurance, but if the specific comic means something special to you or your collection, this might also be a factor)

Now the extremely subjective part, what profit margin are you hoping to get for your investment of time and money from above?  If you spent $35 total above, would it be ok for the comic to be worth $40 more after relabeling? $50? $100 more?  Do you care more about RETURN ON INVESTMENT percentage or absolute dollars? Everyone is different.  Is there a tax impact to consider that factors in? Cost of selling? Time value of money? Opportunity cost of tying up your money waiting to get the comic back?  How sure DO YOU NEED TO BE of the return on investment (as in what is the allowable range?)?

Now that you've decided what you need the price to be for it to be 'worth it'?, how do you assess how much more value the comic will have?  Of course the 'newsstand' label is fairly new, and a lot will depend on price and rarity of the comic, and rarity of the newsstand version in the right condition.  But generally, as this situation is fairly new, there probably aren't too many examples out there to get a data set to make a good comparison.  But you can do your best by scouring ebay sold listings, and see what the average pricing differences are for newsstand w/proper label and newsstand w/old label.  Of course depending how math savvy you are, you create a data set where you weight listings with things in common with your comic somewhat heavier (like grade, title, rarity, number of graded issues, year, etc).  Now you've calculated an expected value, and you can make your informed decision.  You can get as many data points as you feel comfortable with.


Of course all these steps seem like a lot, but with experience and enjoyment of the hobby it gets quicker and easier.  But personally I wouldn't pull the trigger unless I had done the math, and sometimes things get pretty obvious pretty quickly.  But sometimes not.

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I think it's pretty early in the "newsstand" era of collecting in the sense that it's a little hard to tell if that notation makes a monetary difference. It's still a newsstand, easily identifiable regardless of the "newsstand" designation on the label.

If I were to score this book at a good price, I'd just leave it and see what happens with the notation and the newsstand trend.

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It's newsstand whether the label says it or not. Very few newsstands on the registry have the notation, so there's not really any pressure to do so.

It's going to be $20+shipping to reholder it, so if you're just after money there might be better options.

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