(RAW SALE) A Call to Arms - Gold/Silver/Bronze- All 1/2 sticker price!
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Thanks to everyone, for their tremendous support in my past two sales threads. (worship)

There was some interest for a raw comic sales thread, so I'm doing that now.  (Tomorrow couldn't come soon enough :shy: )


:news: Tracked shipping to Canada and the USA is $5 per book (maximum $30) :news:

Tracked shipping to overseas is $30


Prices are in USD

I accept payment by PayPal, personal check (if I know you), international money orders, cash, or EMT (if Canadian).  We can convert to CAD, if it's more convenient for you. (thumbsu


As these are raw books, opinions can sometimes differ, more so than graded books.  I try to grade a book at what I think CGC would call it, but I cannot guarantee that CGC will agree with my assessment.  I hope that's clear.

Returns are accepted if you are unhappy.  You'll need to reach out to me within a week of receiving the book(s), though.


My many thanks in advance. (worship)



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I will be taking requests, so if there's a certain title or books you're looking for, you can post in this thread and I'll see if I have them.


I'm starting with front cover scans only, to save time.  If you need to see some back covers, just ask and I'll post them.  (thumbsu 

You "could" say :takeit: pending back cover photo.


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On 1/28/2023 at 7:16 AM, Ryan. said:


You disgust me in your lack of perviness. :frown:

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To save all kinds of time, I’m just going to ask 1/2 sticker price on these books. 

The sticker will usually have my grade and asking price, so just divide by 2. 

Genius, right? :insane: 

actually, I’m not sure if it conforms to the rules, so let me know if I’m making a mistake and I’ll correct it. 


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