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I'm not in the class of most of the online dealers but for free advertising I thought I would post my site.


Thanks for the thread.




dude, what are you talking about, I think you've got a great selection of GA books, and you've got a photo for everyone of them !!,... not too many online dealers have a picture of every book.


thanks for posting your site.

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If the Silver Age Dealer thread was inspired by this one, why is it pinned and this one isn't? confused-smiley-013.gif


Arch? confused-smiley-013.gif


Arch doesn't love gold as much as silver? confused-smiley-013.gif


ARCH!!!! Why don't you love Gold? You should love Gold.




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Hi Guys!


I am fairly new to both US comis and the forum itself (From Norway). This one is one of the most usefull topics I have ever seen here so a big thanks to Norinn Radd!


I am looking for Disney Ducks in high grade(Dell Giant, Four Color, Donald, Mickey, Uncle S, Walt Disney C&S etc..). I have checked every site in this topic and many more but its very hard to find. First of all its not many copies of theese that is CGC graded in the first place. The raw copies from the stores seems to be from 1.00 to 5.00 and many of them even over-priced smile.gif. I am used to the inzane CGC overpricing, but to over-price a 1.5 copy from my-[embarrassing lack of self control] is even more irretating.


So my question is if anyone know some strict graders that I can trust who will sell me theese comis? Or if people on the forum have this stuff for sale? I have great experience with my Marvel Superhero collecting from this forum so it might be the best place!


Best Regards,



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Well, I spent the entire morning updating and revising the Golden Age Dealer list. I've also added the dealer names.


If anybody has any more GA dealers and contact info, let me know so I can make this list as complete as possible.


Here we go...

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news.gif Updated list news.gif [Jim Payette] [Ted VanLiew] [Vincent Zurzolo and Stephen Fischler] [Doug Sulipa] [bob Storms] [bob Beerbohm] [Terry O'Neill] [Joe Nacca] [Robert Rogovin] [Richard Evans] [Ron Pussell] [Harley Yee] [Lone Star Comics] [Andy Coleman AKA Goldust40] [Marc Newman] [Jay AKA jkrk] [Dennis Keum] [Jeff Delaney AKA NearMint] [Mark Zaid] [brent Moeshlin] [Jamie Graham] [Gary Dolgoff] [Richard Makinson (QuicksilverComics)] [Dave Thinn] [Darryl Jones] [Jamie Newbold and Gino Siragusa] [Robert Roter] [Mark Arrand] [brian, Kenny, and Bob] [byron Jones] [bob AKA Fuelman] [Andrew Cretella] [Joseph Fiore]


NEW [Rich Muchin] [stephen Burr] (formerly Mecca Comics) [John May] [beverly Kranz] and dtacoll [David T. Alexander] and jmhcomics [John Hauser] (don't let the name fool you wink.gif) [Gus Poulakas] [Chris K. Brown AKA ckb - eBay only] [Jef Hinds ( - eBay only] [bruce Edwards - eBay only] [Al Stoltz - eBay only] [ - eBay only] [brian Schutzer AKA NeatStuff - eBay only]



Here is a listing of dealers of GA slabs... [Mark Wilson - CGC only] [Marnin Rosenberg - CGC only] [bill Hughes - CGC only] [Rob Hughes - CGC only] [steve Lauterbach AKA ComGeek - CGC only]



And here are some auction websites that sell GA comics... [Jim Halperin] [Joe & Nadia Mannarino] [John Pires, also John Skoulides]



Also, consignment websites... [Josh Nathanson] (although mostly SA/BA) [Doug Schmell]

Edited by Norinn Radd
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Just wanted to add my $.02 cents -- a very big thank you to NR for getting this information together.


Any chance of getting this topic "pinned" to the top of the forum topics?



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